About Us

Aerosys Aviation India is a UAV manufacturing as well as Drone solution company,developing drones for various Applications.

Drones manufactured at Aerosys Aviation are constantly setting world-class technology benchmarks because of the continuous efforts on Drone Intelligence, Hardware optimization & Design innovation.

We use Design Thinking, creativity, Innovation and Analytical Approach to solve complex problems and create a timeless experience that helps our partners positively impact their business, customers and communities.

Our Mission:

“We believe in a healthy partnership, and strive to find the most beneficial solution to satisfy both our customers and ourselves”.

Our Vision:

“To offer the most innovative, flexible, cost-effective and Quality Drones solutions as well as reliable and best in class Drones in on and offshore industries, to optimize asset maintenance”.

Our Team

Avinash Kumar

Co-founder & CEO

Sethuraj V

Co-founder & CTO

Our Mentors

Dr. A. K. Ghosh

Dr. Vimal Kumar

Mr. Nitin Mittal