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Aerosys Aviation India is a UAV manufacturing as well as Drone solution company, developing drones for various Applications.

Drones manufactured at Aerosys Aviation are constantly setting world-class technology benchmarks because of the continuous efforts on Drone Intelligence, Hardware optimization & Design innovation.

We use Design Thinking, creativity, Innovation and Analytical Approach to solve complex problems and create a timeless experience that helps our partners positively impact their business, customers and communities.

Solutions we provide

Surveying and Mapping

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have the potential to become a support system for future Surveying and Mapping applications.

Safety and Security

Aerial Surveillance using drones provide an advanced solution to the limitations of classic surveillance methods.


Drones provide for an efficient, high precision and cost-effective alternative to identify fault zones even in hard to reach areas of inspection.

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Traffic Management






River Management


What we offer

Aerial Drone Photography

Aerial Photography is an extraordinary way to see landscapes & architecture from unique angles, allowing you to capture gorgeous shots of inaccessible areas.

Aerial Videography & Advertisement

Drones can go where manned vehicles cannot, and at a greatly reduced cost. As a result, this technology is now ideal for many applications.

Professional Post Production

Post-production practices will greatly increase the impact & cinematic value of your aerial footage. Editing & addition of music or sound effects can really bring drone footage to life.

Area we cover

Border Security

Border security is a complicated problem. With many borders stretching for hundreds of miles, the task of monitoring these boundaries could require enormous human resources. Obstacles like fences or walls are only as good as the assets watching them. In short, borders are vulnerable locations.

Forest & Wildlife Monitoring

Monitoring and Observance of forests and wildlife can be a tiresome and exhaustive process, in a sense that requires an abundant amount of workforce and skills. In the case of Forest fires, movement of animals, it becomes difficult for the forest department to take immediate action.


Drones can be used to optimize a farm based on a large range of image data about the condition of crops, fields and livestock as well as applying pesticides. Drones are an affordable investment when compared to most farm equipment.


Due to the incredible magnitude of railroad infrastructure, the task of inspecting and maintaining tracks has not kept up with technology. The main difficulty in the inspection process has been the lack of automation, scalability, and repeatability

Oil and Gas

Drones have entered the oil and gas industry as a flexible and cost-effective way to conduct inspections. The use of unmanned aerial vehiclesv(UAV) allows oil and gas companies to improve the quality of investigations, increase the safety of workers, and reduce the high costs of manual reviews.


Across the mining industry, drones are demonstrating exceptional results by enabling much greater data collection, enhancing safety and improving productivity. The popularity of drone technology across the mining industry has grown significantly in recent years.

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