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“VEDANSH” UAV is our first Micro category class Quadcopter Drone. Vedansh has been made exclusively for Surveying & Mapping purpose. It uses a dual battery pack technology for greater endurance during the flight. Vedansh is completely built of Carbon composite material keeping its weight factor in consideration. Overall, Vedansh has a highly reliable system integrated in it.


  • Operational Range : Upto 4 Km.

  • Flight Time : Up to 40 min.

  • Takeoff Weight : Upto 2 Kg.

  • Operational Altitude : 300 meters.

  • Payload : 24 Mp Electro-Optic Camera.

  • Mapping Accuracy : +-5cm in X and Y axis

  • Ultralight Carbon Composite Body

  • NPNT Compliant

  • PPK Equipped.

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